It’s been a long time writing. I’ve been adapting to having four kids (Micah Brave Estrada is here, our gorgeous blessing born 6/5/16). My husband and I are totally out numbered. Lets just be honest, I have been so tired and lazy to write! All the while, we were running a five week youth camp called Youth For the Nations, directing the 100+ staff to run this machine, and balancing a busy travel schedule. Through the crazy,  I have been profoundly shocked at how His presence has been with us!  I have learned to lean into God like never before, in every moment. He truly is an ever present help and has helped us adjust to a new rhythm of life.

Interesting enough, I’ve learned to balance so much more lately from more children, managing our home, and ministry that I have become more confident that He is with me. (I even decided its time to home school my kids! Now if you knew me you know I’m walkin on water yall!). I have become so dependent on Him because I know if I tried to do it all on my own, I would loose my mind! This this parent thing is not for the weak at heart ya’ll! People ask, how do you do it all?  I am well aware I have not done this all on my own. (And I’m not a fool, I get help!!) I feel a supernatural strength.  I’m depending on the Lord more than I ever have. Every day as I prepare for a full day, I take a moment, inhale and exhale and say, we can do this (‘we’ meaning, Him and I).  I’ve been teaching a lot this summer for leader sessions, and I have been reminded that He is literally WITH US constantly, presently, always watching and waiting for us to reach out to Him. He is involved in our every moment and He wants us to stay aware of Him. We have no reason to be afraid- of anything! Because…He. Is. With. Us.
His word promises if we seek Him we would find Him (Jeremiah 29:13). People wonder why they can’t find Him- its because they haven’t opened their heart to find Him! The word of God works. It is the Truth. It’s works for you to the same degree you believe (or trust in it). Faith is another word for Trust.
For example, When I focus my heart toward Him I can sense His leading and comfort. I got to trust its HIM and not just ME!!! We gotta murder doubt by choosing to trust like children. I sense His love, His peace, His gentle lead,  “Do this next, Erica. Try that. Say it like this. Don’t forget that. It’s ok, Erica, I give you mercy so you can give your kids more mercy there.”   I sense it so well that I realize when I’m trying to do things in my own strength. Its exhausting. Joyless.
When I realize I’m carrying everything on my own, I throw my arms up in the air for my Daddy to pick me up again. In my heart, of course. Although, many times, I literally throw my arms up in chaotic moments at home. It works, yall!  I sense His ever-present joy and strength. I know He loves it when we trust Him like children- dependent and unashamed to roar for His help. I have been roaring like never before- for more of Daddy’s help. It’s in this weakness and dependence we truly learn to roar- with His Strength. Help us Lord, to Trust our loving Father’s arms are there to carry us in every moment.
In what area do you need to throw up your arms for your Present Father to carry you?
How do you think He would lead you if you reached out to Him? Stop, reach, and listen!