Relationships don’t just happen. They must be intentionally cultivated. Community and unity are the keys to unlock His blessing (Psalm 133).  He can use life on lips of others to unleash what He has deposited in us that we sometimes can’t see due to foggy lenses of shortcomings and weaknesses. We need to link to Him AND each other to unlock all He destined us to be.

Brave Beauty Gatherings exist to help women be Brave to Love other strong woman. We, ourselves, become more Brave when we hear our sister’s encouragement, who are further out on the water, prompting us to come further- the water is fine! The enemy wants to isolate us from relationships with feelings of to insecurity, comparison, competitiveness. We are choosing to Bravely say NO to his schemes, and are making a monthly effort to cheer, bless, love, learn and call the greatness out of other strong woman leaders around us. Instead of being scared of each other, we are choosing to fiercely love each other and be a safe place for each other. We choose to value and learn from each other instead of being intimidated by what they have inside of them. We choose to never feel alone in the race by connecting with others running in the same direction, and find extra strength to endure.

When we build these relationships, not only is God glorified, but we grow personally. We realize we are better together. We have a safe place of confession to break the obsessions. We realize we will go further than we could alone. When I “can’t find my cape, Brave Beauties help me out,” (Song Lyrics: Put on Your Brave).

I was afraid of initiating relationship with women because I didn’t want to feel any rejection. I couldn’t even invite friends over to my house as a young girl, because I was afraid they would say no.

I started Brave Beauty Gatherings afraid that no one would have time to come. My focus was to invite senior pastors and traveling ministers wives, like myself, so we could have a safe place of relationship outside of our circle of influence. Maybe you start one for young moms, single moms, young entrepreneurs, single woman, youth pastors, associate pastors, young business executives. I decided if no one showed up, I would still be faithful to show up to our gathering, and have a date with Jesus (however, I have never had that happen).

I pray you don’t wait for someone to start a group like this that you can  draw life from. I pray that YOU BRAVELY reach out to others to build relationship with those who are doing what you do, or maybe they are doing what you want to do. You may even feel a little insecure about being around them. Lets put up a fight against the enemy’s attempt to isolate us! Lets stop giving in to the lie that we don’t need other woman. Other women need YOU and you need them!

I pray you start inviting woman to come and join arms with other woman as I did. Say no to fear and yes to love by just saying YES to inviting them out monthly or quarterly. We need to get around others we are scared of and choose LOVE over fear! I can’t tell you how much encouragement we have put on by hearing another woman’s heart, and learning how she trusts God in spite of fears she may have (because we assume she doesn’t have any)! I have personally grown and found my BRAVE CAPE by listening and learning from their walks.

Here is an example of what we did at our April Brave Beauty Gathering. You can change the illustration story to your own. But I normally, I just share a short story or scripture like this and prompt 2 questions after we order food (we meet at a central location in Dallas) and everyone goes around and answers the question. You can do it too!


1Co 13:7  Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

Jesus is LOVE and He never gives up on us. There is always hope to change, repent, to clean up any mess that we make. I tend to make a lot of messes with God, myself, and others that I been choosing to  quickly clean it up, and not get stuck beating myself up for the mess.

One morning, the Lord reminded me that I had failed to acknowledge my nine year old son as he was trying to get my attention over and over to tell me he liked my freshly pedicured toes. My two year old daughter was needing my attention for something so I got distracted, and I completely ignored him. I never stopped to acknowledge him to say that I appreciated him for noticing his mom’s toes! Instead of getting down on myself for being too busy, non-attentive mom (which is what the devil wants to do, load us up with condemnation) I heard God say, as long as you have breath, its NOT TOO LATE to tell him thank you!

I’ve been working to quickly realize His Spirit of power inside of me (2 Tim 1:9) to take responsibility and make situations right! I heard the Lord remind me, as long as you are breathing, It is NEVER TOO LATE for anything!

Right then, I decided to go tell him thank you for his compliment on my toes, I apologized for ignoring him, and I told him how much I valued him. Even tho it was a whole day later, he was so happy I asked for forgiveness for ignoring him, and we shared the sweetest snuggle and a bonding moment.

1. Where has the Lord been whispering to your heart that it is NOT TOO LATE?

2. Or even as you hear this question, where is He challenging your thinking today and showing you that you have been believing a lie that IT IS TOO late?

Super simple!

I pray you PUT ON Your BRAVE to go after relationships that you, and others, are so hungry for! You won’t regret it!