“Get up, Mommy,” my two year old yelled this morning as she woke us up at the crack of dawn. She had on zebra joggers and a lion shirt that said ‘Courage.’ I was tickled at that word- the sister word to my word of the day- BRAVE! I’d forgotten I put those pjs on her before bed. The Lord knew I would need to Put ON MORE BRAVE on this long awaited day.

Today is the day my first single releases. 4.5.2016. Put ON YOUR BRAVE. It’s become a life message and major word of encouragement for my own life. I need to choose to do it everyday. EVEN TODAY! As an artist, when you put your work out for the world to hear, you feel as though you are laying your heart in the open. BARE and RAW. Completely exposed and uncovered. I didn’t think it would feel this way, or I would feel any kind of fear or hesitancy. Didn’t expect it because I had chosen to pass up the fear by just making the song. But when we Put Brave On, the next step will keep you needing MORE BRAVE. We are never done putting IT ON!!

I KNOW I had help on this one from my Jesus. I felt like it was His message- I was just the first one who got to sing it. I hadn’t felt much butterflies about it. I want it to be an encouragement to people, but ultimately, I just wanted to be faithful with the gifts He gave me and not hide them any more.  I didn’t want to watch another 34 years go by without doing something with them, especially for my Lord, who I love so much.

You have to CHOOSE to be brave when you choose to use your gifts. Although I already PUT ON BRAVE by putting out the song, I still have to choose to PUT on BRAVE even while walking it out. WE all do!

I am afraid, but I won’t let fear stop me from telling everyone about the song so they can choose brave too. I was afraid this morning that people will get annoyed of all the posts.  I realized I’m still learning to put on brave when I’m afraid. I got afraid of criticism and rejection. Ain’t no body got time for you!! (Giving attention to that fear had me annoyed. I can’t believe that I even felt it- even a little bit!).

I am not going to give in to that fear and I think that is why we need to get — USED to doing BRAVE afraid to trample over the fear.

That is why we need this ENCOURAGEMENT to CHOOSE Brave AFRAID. I know criticisms will come, and that’s ok. The point isn’t for everyone to love me. Even though I have killed a lot of need for people’s approval in my life by replacing it all with the Father’s Love, I am still killing off the residue of the wanting everyone’s approval! Plus, lets get real, as an artist you do want people to like it so you can impact more people with your work.

Releasing this song, and fulfilling your dreams, is an excellent way  to continue to learn how to handle people’s disapproval. Although I know it is a sick song (but for real tho, I love it) it may not charge everyone’s batteries! I used to want to make music and be famous so I could feel valued and loved. I’m thankful I’m at a point in my life where I FEEL His value and love so I won’t get crushed under criticism. I have a husband who won’t let me feed on discouragement anyway, and who is my biggest encourager! The day he purposed, he promised that he would be committed to helping me fulfill my dreams.  He fulfilled his promise today by helping me get this single out! I am so in love and thankful for him!

I respect artists in a whole new light today and never want to be used to hate on anyone’s talent ever. I know that all artists do feel good when people appreciate their music. But, more than anything, they put themselves in the line of fire to get hated on. Even if I don’t prefer their music- I won’t hate on people. I respect every artist even MORE than ever today for PUTTING ON THEIR BRAVE and going for it. It took me half of a lifetime to do it, but man, I’m proud I finally found strength to do it! I found my Brave Cape wrapped in Jesus’ PERFECT LOVE for ME and I’m celebrating this today!! HE gets all the props!

We NEED MORE BRAVE. Even if we already have some on.  He wants to keep teaching us how to stay dependent and leaning on HIM.

My prayer today is that you keep choosing Brave. Bravery IS A CHOICE, and we need to CHOOSE IT NOW.  He really is after our heart, no matter who we are or what we have done, to TRUST HIM. I pray the song is successful and you hear about a GOD who is crazy about helping you be Brave to believe in HIM.

When you open up to believing and trusting that Jesus Christ is the WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE- even a little bit, he sees you searching for Him.  THIS IS EXACTLY when He will let you ‘see’ Him in YOUR heart!!! THIS is what He did for me. I was the biggest doubter.  ITS BEEN 13 YEARS since I first welcomed Him in, and even though I have never seen Him with my natural eyes, I SEE HIM CRYSTAL CLEAR with the eyes of my heart, and I can’t take my eyes off of Him.

Thankful. Overwhelmed. STOKED. 4.5.2016